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This website is organized around books exploring the Lankavatara Sutra by Oscar Willis Mitchell and a human potential book by Joanne L. Mitchell. Above you see the tabs for Enlightenment of Mind and Effortless belonging and It Only Gets Better From Here. The first two books were inspired by studying the sutra over the course of a dozen years and are designed to serve different needs. Joanne’s book was inspired by her progressive evolution into coaching and self development.
Enlightenment of mind book

Is about a hundred pages, which presents the Buddha’s words explaining life beyond the limitations of our natural sense consciousness to include the Lanka’s science of oneness. The book includes a view of science which embraces a not-separate reality, not explained, only alluded to. By way of explanation my own prose or poetry assists in relating themes.

Is the whole deal, explaining the process of transliteration and supporting the Lanka’s not-separate thesis through microbiology, physics and intuitional psychology. It’s about 300 pages with an autobiographical frame work full of references, anecdotes and a plausible case for the living intelligence of the our planet and indeed all of creation.

Effortless Belonging cover 681x1024 1
Effortless Belonging cover 681x1024 1

A reflective journey of a life lived, with fears, challenges, and family recollections, exposed through the telling of dramatic, life-changing experiences. It is a compelling story that will inspire while simultaneously giving pause for inner reflection and contemplation as it moves one’s self-perception from ordinary to magnificent.

About The Authors


Oscar Willis Mitchell, Gurudas, or Karna Sonam Tarjay, as named by his teachers, is a lifelong Yogi, student of Sanskrit, Zen, Vajrayana, and science. Having spent a career becoming expert in one technology after another, he applies the same skills to grapple with the ancient technology of human potential and consciousness. Seeking a universal mechanism of communication, he validates oneness at the level of mutuality and energetic entanglement, through discoveries in micro-biology, intuitive psychology and quantum physics.

Joanne Louise Mitchell is the muse and inspiration to decipher the highest state of being as one of effortless belonging. As an editor who understood the author’s intentions, she made the book approachable without inhibiting the passion creation required. She provides her perspective in the Forward and appears with occasional prose credit, but she is in every page, its gentle persuasion. However, all accountability for spurious inclusion and miscommunications lays at the author’s feet.

The Lankavatara Sutra

For the rare explorer you are welcome to read my highlighted and marked up copy of the Lankavatara Sutra:

Just for fun

You are also welcome to see some early projects. Starting with short video poetry, extending to a feature length sound activation documentary, trailer and short.

Secret Koans

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