Oracle posting one: Secret Koans

I see what I want to see; I hear what I want to hear,
Accountable for interpretation and Creation, I am.
My undisciplined mind sees reality through the reruns of experience.
My habitual thinking calls a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thinking habits must change, past emotions must corrupt
my present perception no more!

Not controlled or offended, I see you, eye to eye.
No one other than self is ever responsible.

Hobbling fear, wondering desire or discipline understood,
All thought is prayer, all prayer is answered.
I call my soul’s desire in quiet moments.
I call other things unaware.

Demonstration lifts me, grace detonates my self-will,
consuming reservation.
Faith is to do, not just believe.

Our fathers blamed desire.
Following that way, I’ve made myself a hypocrite.
Better to be honestly flawed, as desire always finds a way.
But in error, I’ve grown also to desire less naturally;
falling away as they seem.

Selfish desires mature; exchanged replaced with selfless desire.
Higher for lower, mind is the choice and the work.
Desire is the vehicle and source.
Commencement of Creation, God desires us.

Truth spoken is not the whole truth.
Truth is a place beyond my mind, where I cannot be right
if it makes you wrong.

Love described is hardly its shadow; relationships invent each moment.
If we are both in this place there is only one of us here.
In love, there is no other than self.

Joy misunderstood at root, the only gift I have for you, me.
Joy, more than my right, is my purpose and my duty.
Finding my own joys gift, I have something to offer you.
I see what I want to see. I hear what I want to hear.

Secret Koans, OWM