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Who are you really? 
Buddhism is usually explained as the middle way of reasonable discipline and a compassionate embrace of humanity. But, there is a mystical side of Buddhism, rarely heard of or fully embraced by doctrinal religion. It is grasping oneness through Buddhism’s Mind-only awareness, which isn’t the usual metaphor of oneness, we are accustomed to. This unitive concept demonstrates the physical, organic creation as one interdependently co-arising field of life.

To understand it, we turn to Microbiology and Quantum mechanics. Our discoveries demonstrate that all life is interdependently co-arising, as named by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Your human cells are outnumbered ten to one by microbial cells that live in and run most bodily functions. Similarly, everything includes trillions of symbiotic life forms that experience life through the mutuality of quantum entanglement. Likewise, everything down to the electron is alive, moving about and intermingling without distinction and, therefore, part of everything else, connected in a field of living intelligence. This not-separate ubiquitous life actualizes oneness.

Mind-only is metaphysically the growing awareness of life’s conscious fabric, experienced in a life of ever-encompassing synchronicity. But first, it is also grasping that existence and all manifestations are the constructs of our mind. Paradoxically, this makes us one hundred percent responsible for our perception of reality while exposing we are not the doer.

When we see that thought, personality, and desires are all self-creations, they can be held accountable, and by letting go of outcomes and allowing things to be just as they are, we engage the living intelligence.

A theory or idea only establishes a possible source of reality; suchness is the quiescent nature of mind, which grasped gives the yogin certitude of Mind-only. 
Effortless Belonging, Lanka, Sagathakam, sloka 270 

Certitude is the direct experience of oneness rather than the certainty we associate with thoughts and knowledge. Suchness is the meditative state of being fully present in intuitive awareness rather than limited by thought alone.

We can orchestrate a peaceful life through Mind-only awareness by activating our internal and external environments. Here, thoughts, opinions, and judgments can be observed as superficial and inconstant. Compulsive thinking and reaction rob us of free will because we are unconscious of alternative viewpoints. Here, we recognize the impediment of habit; change our responses with a pause, open mind, and a compassionate heart. As a core practice, this observer awareness reflects many aspects of mindfulness and the dawn of suchness. Its ultimate goal is the experience of oneness, but its access recognizes we are not the outcomes of thought.

Mind-only isn’t saying there is no reality; it only means we will never know authenticity or true freedom, oblivious to the mind’s natural operation, but that’s not the whole story. Reality is not an illusion, but our perception is. In this magical thinking lies the core of non-dual reality because, in oneness, the perceived and perceiver are not separate. They are mutually dependent aspects of one living intelligence you might prefer to call God, Gaia, the source, or whatever you please.