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Our Secret Super Power: 
Intuition often gets an undeserved bad name, but in fact it is our greatest opportunity to connect the world and our oneness. The confusion is that there are two stages of intuition, I label them visionary and universal. The problem society has is trusting the often misunderstood and sometimes misused visionary aspect of intuition. This is ESP or psychic perceptions, which are from the outside-in, as seen in a fortune-teller. This aspect isn’t so interesting to me, because it doesn’t resonate to everyone. My interest in intuition is the universal aspect, seen in everyone’s personal awareness. We all have the experience of non-logical knowing, at least in subtle sense perception.
Intuition is not a single way of knowing. It’s our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we’ve developed knowledge and insight, including instinct, experience, faith, and reason.

Brene Brown, Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith 
The ancient texts of Zen put forward intuition as an active state of awareness, a concentrated singularity of mind, more powerful than thinking, talking or doing.
The threshold between intuition and innate intelligence is unclear. Only when it crosses the subconscious threshold into conscious awareness, do we call it intuition. A famous experiment at the University of Berne demonstrated our amazing natural power, when a group of young college women were asked to identify the most attractive smell from identical shirts previously worn by male classmates. This way, each young woman’s intuitive appreciation could be quantified and analyzed against a broad spectrum of characteristics. It provided a unique window into our powers of subconscious sense-perception. The researchers were overwhelmingly surprised.
A critical issue was the health profile of participants. Comparing immune systems indicated that the male, who ranked highest, repeatedly had the most dissimilar immune system, relative to the female who chose them. Scientists theorized, this indicated a very sophisticated, innate, intuitive, or instinctive judgment by the females. The girls intuitive preference, provided potential offspring with the best biological advantage: the most diversified and robust immune system.

The complexity of this non-rational judgment can’t be over-emphasized. As a species, intuition is like a super power when it optimizes long-term species health. It leaves the door open to infinite possibilities. Intuition in this context is accessible use of the subconscious.
Intuition doesn’t seem mysterious or weird if we recognize it is ordinary but below our everyday awareness.  Though we can’t process every sensory input, nonetheless, it is all correlated and fed back as intuition influencing preferences, thought, and information, essential to our survival. As such it is also a valuable asset to our well-being.  Intuition, like everything else, is what we make of it, as a personal and individual awareness.

Excerpted from Effortless Belonging, The Lost Science Sychrony
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