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Effortless Belonging

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Effortless Belonging

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The book Effortless Belonging envisions our future science. It evolves the idea of interdependent co-arising, confirmed by experimentation in psychology, microbiology and quantum mechanics. It was also predicted by Erwin Schrödinger in the gulf he recognized between allopathic biology and physics.

“. . . living matter, while not eluding the “laws of physics” as established up to date, is likely to involve “other laws of physics” hitherto unknown, which however, once they have been revealed, will form just as integral a part of science as the former.”
Erwin Schrödinger, What Is Life?

Effortless Belonging also provides a structure to understand our authentic nature, starting with what it means to be awake, right here, right now. A spiraling staircase of logic without esoteric obscurity, it starts with the quietude of mind and culminates in freedom as a matter of awareness. Not a mystical woo woo thing, just awareness of how we limit ourselves through habit, judgment and prejudice.

Effortless Belonging is based on the Lankavatara Sutra. An ancient, fragmented text which never suited either politics or religion. This work proceeds from DT Suzuki’s translation from the Sanskrit original and includes sections excluded from religious translations. Its focus on practice and awareness appears to be heretical to doctrine and religion. And yet, it’s thesis proves out the living intelligence of all life, as our single non-dual source and oneness. It is inclusive of every path that leads to waking up.

The book minimizes the esoteric and its relevance can be life changing as one understands in a new way, what life is. Its timeliness goes to the survival of humanity. The ancients gave us a basis to understand a wellbeing beyond our wildest dreams and this tipping point of humanities oneness is the only thing that can solve our problems.

About The Author


Oscar Willis Mitchell, Gurudas, or Karna Sonam Tarjay, as named by his teachers, is a lifelong Yogi, student of Sanskrit, Zen, Vajrayana, and science. Having spent a career becoming expert in one technology after another, he applies the same skills to grapple with the ancient technology of human potential and consciousness. Seeking a universal mechanism of communication, he validates oneness at the level of mutuality and energetic entanglement, through discoveries in micro-biology, intuitive psychology and quantum physics.

Joanne Louise Mitchell is the muse and inspiration to decipher the highest state of being as one of effortless belonging. As an editor who understood the author’s intentions, she made the book approachable without inhibiting the passion creation required. She provides her perspective in the Forward and appears with occasional prose credit, but she is in every page, its gentle persuasion. However, all accountability for spurious inclusion and miscommunications lays at the author’s feet.

About The Book

Effortless Belonging book
Effortless Belonging is not an easy read, intended to entertain or created in the brilliant prose of a word smith. It is a structural text, created to lead a curious mind behind the veil of everyday life and as far into the ether as one is willing to climb. In most cases one should go to whatever surprise delivers inspiration, then wait to carry on until it settles in.

Effortless Belonging is a new paradigm in deterministic psychology, biological field theory and non-reductive physics. Its philosophy or metaphysics are not new, but the author has stripped back all the niceties of Sanskrit and religion, to explain freedom as a matter of attitude, perspective and choice.

Effortless Belonging lays bare the sacred mysteries of esoteric knowledge to explain that nature has created you to survive as an animal in a tribe, but true humanness is far beyond any comfort zone. The Lanka challenges us to see beyond survival, to recognize our own truth and find freedom beyond the cage of preferences. Even detachment is an obsolete term, compared to letting go of outcomes in mindful awareness. Where teachers offer the means to attain enlightenment, here a student reveals the shocking truth of life, as understood by the wisest men and women ever known to grace this planet.

However, Effortless Belonging was written by a very human and imperfect man with dyslexia, making him better at wave theory than writing. This book contains brilliant associations and enlightening perspectives from Yogachara, but sometimes it’s not clear and meandering. The problem is, the author can’t tell the difference and after hundreds of rewrites, he had to let it go or risk it wasted on an obsolete hard-drive. You must decide what feels true within yourself. However, If you can forgive the author his humanness, you’re guaranteed mind blowing surprises, maybe even the ride of your life.

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