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What is life?
I love science. It’s fantastic yet funny. In the last one hundred years, quantum mechanics has discovered that everything down to the electron is alive, along with the magic of life force. The funny part is scientists are rarely willing to admit the experimental implications.
Electrons revealed themselves as alive in the observer effect experiments, demonstrating awareness and the ability to react. Their behavior consistently changes whenever observed, and closer observation translates to more significant change.
Quantum entanglement was called “spooky action at a distance” by Einstein, but it is essentially life force as seen in the quanta (smallest particle). Photons, electrons, molecules, and even small diamonds were split like a polarized lens splits light into horizontal and vertical orientations. When one quantum was altered in spin, angular momentum, etc., its partner was simultaneously affected, no matter how far apart. When C.G. Jung coined synchronicity, it was also the perfect term for this simultaneous space-time mutuality. Ancient Zen described entangled synchronicity in this way.

If form is to be found in the oneness of formlessness, it is not visible.
Its apparent non-existence contradicts the reality of life,
though neither mechanism nor operator is seen.
Effortless Belonging, Lanka, Sagathakam, sloka 732
To tie a ribbon around it, microbiology has come to understand that complex organisms are really trillions of life forms, living symbiotically. We experience our bodies as one life form, reflecting the principle of mutuality demonstrated by quantum mechanics. Communication among trillions of life forms, instantly and irrespective of distance, isn’t a technical problem for entangled energy experiencing everything, everywhere, all at once. Though we can’t measure it yet, life force is the energetic entanglement Mom and Dad shared to create us. But that still doesn’t reach our collective consciousness.
One thing electrons do not do is stop moving, as best we can tell. And with each exhalation, 26 sextillion air molecules are exchanged through our lungs to circumnavigate the earth in a few years. (Caesar’s Last Breath) But electrons in constant flow travel much faster than air molecules. So, if you multiply that breath by every living thing, you might envision the field of entangled life force we call the atmosphere.
Wireless technology provides a simple model of how collective consciousness works. But cloud storage and wireless technology are kindergarten building blocks compared to the organic field of living energy that sustains life. I prefer to call it the collective subconscious because collective consciousness can be associated with the primary currents of humanity, such as our obsession with self-interest. Your subconscious supports every thought, action, and choice you make. It’s your hard drive; without it, no computing. But that’s not the whole story either.
We’re usually busy collecting experience or doing things. So, we need to consider two levels of the subconscious—the unchanging primordial subconscious, which we all started with, and our changing individual subconsciousness. What is unchanging is the resonant entanglement of all knowledge, experience, and memory, but for all living things and for all time. The second is our own reflection in this ridiculous world. Awakening is experiencing ourselves as more than reflection by tuning into the deeper collective subconscious not usually seen on the evening news.

Excerpted from Effortless Belonging, The Lost Science Sychrony
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